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"Co-addicted to a Sex Addict"

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 You've discovered that your husband is a sex addict!  You found the porn.  You have the admission or perhaps there's still denial.  You now know the truth.  You feel like you are living a nightmare!  Now what?  Believe it or not there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Your own rage, abandonment, and feelings of betrayal will be overwhelming.  You may not even be able to survive it.  However, studies show that if your husband immerses themselves in the appropriate skilled treatment, there can be hope!  Let's get real however.  There is NOTHING about it which will be easy! You will feel like you are living in an upside down "crazy" world your first months.  You will have to face some of your own issues in terms of how and why you married a person who can live a dual life, look so good outwardly, and yet be totally emotionally unavailable.  You have begun a journey in which you get to decide if you can survive your marriage or end it.  You have one million questions as to...."How?", "Why?", "Where did I go wrong?", "How is it that I didn't see it?"  "I feel like such a fool!"    Will he really ever discose the information which you can't seem to get enough of?

Treatment is designed to help get you "jump-started" as to what do I do next?  How do I face my family and friends?  What do I tell the kids?  Can I go back to church and face the shame?  What are the next steps for my husband, me, and my kids?  Can a marriage really survive this?  All these things will be answered and you will be given power and strength for the road ahead.  The facilitators are highly trained in sex addiction and will care for you and your pain.  You will NOT be alone!  There will be groups, couple's weekends and therapy available to you, for you, for your family if you need it. 

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