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Sex Addiction Treatment

Treatment for sexual compulsivity is a complicated and simple process.  Complicated in that there are many processes, phases, steps, and therapeutic implications of treatment.  Simple in that it's not brain surgery.  It is simple hard work which requires commitment, time, and your willingness to surrender to the process of healing and recovery. 

For questions about treatment and assessment please e-mail or call 205-202-1711.


Treatment  Components     

Getting Started

Treatment Center

  • Getting out of your denial
  • Asking for help?
  • A full assessment of your addiction/disease.
  • Maintaining physical integrity and sobriety.
  • Individual Counseling
  • Marital Counseling
  • Group Therapy (160 hours)
  • Possible 45 day in-patient treatment or a week of intensive therapy, depending on the consequences of your addiction.
  • A recovery program.
  • A sponsor.
  • Willingness to surrender to the process.
  • Call one of our trained therapists today for an assessment
  • They will get you started with a Recovery Jump Start Kit.
  • They will determine the impact and consequence of your addiction and make recommendations for your treatment process.  Perhaps in-patient treatment, short term intensive treatment off site, or get in to one of our SA groups.
  • Continue therapy and discuss a strategy for disclosure, healing, and recovery.
  • Surrender to the process and do the required work to get your life back.
  • Give back  to others who have lost their way.

Depending on the nature of your addiction, we use world-class treatment centers. Our primary treatment center of choice, because it has spent years of research, and has had tremendous success in the treatment of sexual compulsivity, is the Gentle Path Program at Pine Grove Treatment Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Dr. Patrick Carnes treatment modality using the 30 tasks model has had years of research and positive results for thousands of patients.  This treatment is consistent and the same modality our therapists will continue using in your recovery.

If you are a perpetrator, that is, you have performed an illegal sexual behavior on someone that has not been consensual, or a minor, we do not treat this behavior.  However, we will refer you to a treatment center in which we highly trust for your ongoing care.


It  is extremely important that you get in to see a highly trained therapist in the area of sexual addiction/compulsivity/anorexia for an assessment.  Your therapist will then be able to prescribe for you the best group experience which will meet yours and your spouses needs.

Group Therapy - There are currently on-going weekly therapeutic groups using the 30 Task treatment developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes.  You will find support, serenity, therapy, and a well-defined strategy for your  recovery.  These groups are designed to be on-going for about 160 hours of therapy over time which will help each individual gain skills, confidence, and sobriety in their personal, family, spiritual, and work life.  One of the best and proven ways of getting healthy is in the context of other people.  You will find safety and hope here.  These men's groups are led by highly trained therapists who will create a safe and yet challenging place for you to get your life back.


  • One Kit  130 Days!
  • Three Workbooks
  • Four CD's
  • One DVD
  • 90 Day Pocket Planner


Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three


90 DAY FOCUS   The RECOVERY Zone 1-5 Years

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