Saturday, June 06, 2020

Marriage & Family

There's a family close to home in crisis...

...and the odds are that it could be your own! Few would fail to agree that today's family is in severe crisis. The pressure on the family is unprecedented. Sadly, sometimes that pressure comes by way of the very institutions that should complement the family, such as churches, schools, and government. At INNERCARE Counseling Center, we see the perils of being a family every day of the week. The crisis is real and potent, but in the utter hell of it all, we believe in and hold out hope for moms and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. It doesn't come easy. The best things never do in reality, but with a practical blend of solid, authentic faith and thoughtful application of psychological insight coupled with practical, common-sense counsel, we are able to help hurting people learn not how to simply cope, but to discover and practice real hope.
INNERCARE Counseling Center affords families an array of excellent programs for making home a great place in which to live and love, grow and give.
Being married or part of a family doesn’t insulate us from pain, hurts, and conflicts. We offer many services and possibilities to help you live a focused, free, and purpose filled life you were meant to have. Ask yourself if any of these describe you?
Need help now?
If you and/or your family is in crisis now, please call us at 205-202-1711 We're here for you and those you call family!